I was encouraged to attend my very first yoga class by my friend Anthony in 2009. I think he could sense that I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and searching for a change. Going to this class at Fitness SF in the Castro would prove to uncover a passion that I hadn’t known and very quickly it sent me down a new life path. It was divine intervention in my mind! (Special shout out to my very first yoga teacher, the incomparable Monique aka Fauxnique Jenkinson, who inspired me from day one!).

When my father passed away unexpectedly in 2010, I turned to yoga for comfort and as a way to process the intense pain that I was going through. I felt lost and had many unanswered life questions. I found yoga to be a safe haven for me to sit with those questions and feelings. My mat was my refuge.

As my practice continued to develop, I began to notice subtle changes happening within myself and the world around me. I started making healthier decisions in my everyday life and felt much more grounded and calm in an often hectic world. Simply put, yoga was the full-proof method for making me feel good. Every time I stepped on my mat, I felt better than I had before both physically and mentally. Once I came to that realization, there was no looking back and yoga became a constant in my life.

In 2012 I completed a 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training at It’s Yoga in San Francisco founded by the legend and Rocketman himself, Larry Schutlz. I continued my practice and studies at Asta Yoga with a 50-hour training in the high energy, super-fun Rocket Vinyasa method (created by Larry, the Rocket is a take on the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice, modified for the modern-day yogi). I also studied Pilates at EHS Pilates in the Mission and I love to incorporate Pilates core work into my classes. I have completed extensive continuing education hours including Anatomy, Trauma-Informed, Theraputic, Prenatal & Ayurveda yoga trainings. I will complete my 500-hour certification in December 2019 through Namaste Yoga in Berkeley/Oakland.

Influential teachers of mine include Monique Jenkinson, Larry Schultz, Rene Henley, Abby Tucker, Jane Austin and my current mentor, Ada Lusardi, to name just a few.

In the classes I teach, I seek to foster a comfortable environment where ALL can feel safe and welcome. Focus is particularly on breath and proper alignment with the intention of moving safely and creating space in the body. With this breathing, moving meditation comes clarity in the mind and the ability to create true transformation.

I encourage all students to maintain a consistent practice in order to experience how yoga can truly be relevant in every aspect of life - both on and off the mat.

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