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An Afternoon Oasis - Yoga As Self-Care

The term self care tends to get thrown around these days in all sorts of wellness articles and blogs, but what does it truly mean?  How can we incorporate useful self-care practices into our lives in simple and practical ways?  That is where the yoga comes in!

 In this 2.5 hour workshop, we will spend some time discussing the virtues of self-care and brain storm creative ideas as to how to incorporate it into our every day lives.  We will consider our intentions and pick one of highest importance to focus on as we breathe and move together. We will then step into our asana practice – moving through a nourishing flow into to gentle restorative postures.

 This practice is appropriate for all levels and will include the optional hands-on adjustments, essential oil diffusion and rich, dark chocolate as a post-practice treat.

 This is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself and indulge in the practice of yoga as self-care.  You will leave this workshop with tools to take home and incorporate into your daily life that will help to keep you grounded, focused, energized and living from a place of love.